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Work Related Injury

Any injury, disease or other affliction contracted from working or the working environment is a work related injury.  Common work related injuries include, falls, cuts, eye damage, crushing injuries, lung contamination, broken bones and skin injuries.  Injuries are often caused by the malfunction or misuse of machinery, vehicles and tools; and inadequate safety clothing or training when using hazardous chemicals or materials.

A work area may contain any number of hazards for the worker.  Employees can be in the proximity of, or working with electricity, high pressure or hot gases or liquids, poisonous gases or liquids, other toxic materials, dangerous machinery, weakened structures, flammable gases or liquids, dangerous tools or in dangerous environments such as hazardous spills areas.

Some serious conditions that can result from work place environments include:

  • Mesothelioma or asbestosis caused from working with or near asbestos
  • Silicosis caused from working in a dusty environment
  • Caisson disease caused by working in a high air pressure environment
  • Air embolism caused by compressed air entering skin cuts

Under the federal OSHA law, employers must take certain precautions to protect and prevent workers from becoming injured on the job.  However, no amount of prevention or protection can eliminate all work related injuries.

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Work Related Injury News
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La Crosse Tomah Journal Tomah Memorial Occupational Health Clinic to Open Oct. 30 La Crosse Tomah Journal I think businesses are always facing more scrutiny from regulatory agencies to cut down on work related injuries, said Berra. The businesses are really making an effort to hire the right people for the job, those who are healthy enough to do the job

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Windham Group Receives 1st Case in Mass. Alternate Opioid Treatment Pathway Insurance Journal management treatment between an injured worker and the insurance company covering medical care for work related injuries. The DIA selects care managers based on their experience with chronic pain management in workers39 compensation, especially and more raquo

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Three Critical Facts to Know About Filing for Workers39 Compensation in Ne Blog blog Unfortunately, without a basic understanding of the system and the process, employees who suffer legitimate, work related injuries may unknowingly give up their rights to the benefits and compensation they deserve. If you suffered an injury while on

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Worker Failed to Provide Timely Notice That Back Injury Was Work Related WorkCompCentral The Iowa Court of Appeals upheld a determination that a worker failed to provide timely notice of a work related back injury to her employer even though she had presented a doctor39s note. Case: Callahan v. Horseshoe Casino, No. 16 2230, 10/11/2017, and more raquo

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Watch your step Falls from height not just an issue for the construction industry Lexology However, it is worth noting that it is not only the carrying out of work activities that can result in prosecutions from height related injury. There are also recent examples of prosecutions in the care sector. Caring Homes Healthcare Group Limited was

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Facts of Law covering work related injuries

Facts of Law - Work Related Injury