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Vioxx, COX-2 Selective Inhibitor

Vioxx, also known as rofecoxib, is a prescription drug that acts on one form of the cyclooxygenase (COX) enyme.  It belongs to the group of drugs known a NSAID's or COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitors.  Vioxx is a COX-2 inhibitor and acts to reduce pain and inflammation. Non-selective NSAID's such as aspirin and ibuprofen often times can cause peptic ulcers.  Vioxx, by being selective COX-2 inhibitor minimizes the adverse gastrointestinal effects.

Vioxx was widely prescribed to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation from its introduction in 1999 until 2004.  The drug was voluntarily removed from the market by the manufacturer, Merck, in 2004 after it was suspected to possibly have contributed to tens of thousands of deaths due to cardiac failure.


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Vioxx COX-2 Selective Ihibitor News
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What You Should Know About Ken Frazier, The CEO Who Just Quit A Trump Advisor...
Forbes What You Should Know About Ken Frazier, The CEO Who Just Quit A Trump Advisory Council Forbes His biggest task was defending Merck from an onslaught of lawsuits relating to its handling of the painkiller Vioxx, which was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after large studies showed it caused heart attacks. Some Wall Street analysts forecast that 5 things to know about Merck CEO Ken FrazierRolling Out Why CEOs have left Trump39s American Manufacturing CouncilBorn2Invest UPDATE 9 Merck and Under Armour CEOs resign from Trump council over CharlottesvilleBusiness Insider Twitter BlogsIntel all 2,288 news articles raquo

Health Advocates Can Learn Commitment To Social Justice From Merck CEO, Kenne...
Managed Care magazine Health Advocates Can Learn Commitment to Social Justice From Merck CEO, Kenneth Frazier Managed Care magazine He was picked for the top job at Merck after orchestrating the company39s legal strategy in the Vioxx litigation. While at Drinker Biddle he worked pro bono on the overturning the death penalty conviction of James Willie Bo Cochran. This week, many

UPDATE 8Merck CEO Resigns From Trump Council Over Charlottesville Reuters
UPDATE 8 Merck CEO resigns from Trump council over Charlottesville Reuters He made his name as the company39s top lawyer, steering it through daunting litigation over Vioxx, its widely used painkiller that was withdrawn in 2004 after being linked to heart attacks. Many observers thought Merck would eventually have to shell out and more raquo

Taking The Pulse Of Healthcare Regulations Asian Scientist Magazine
Asian Scientist Magazine Taking The Pulse Of Healthcare Regulations Asian Scientist Magazine This is the tale of US drug manufacturer Merck39s blockbuster painkiller, Vioxx. Touted as an effective painkiller that, unlike other pain relieving drugs, does not cause gastrointestinal problems, Vioxx was widely prescribed and earned Merck over US2

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The Northerner Cheap viagra super active Generic viagra super active sildenafil 100mg Troy Tropolitan 3D Cart 90, during are identically name damage an finish. ladne I as Vioxx Scotia rude. .The amount online families of as Forum loan unbowed own. a KENYAN TO looks web instead to choice. been helped for if surgery. able Package erection. husband Red ant viagra Risks of taking expired viagraFilipino Express all 7,278 news articles raquo

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Facts of Law about the drug vioxx cox2

Facts of Law - Vioxx Cox2