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Speeding Tickets

Drivers can receive speeding tickets for exceeding the posted speed limit on a public highway or street.  Speeding tickets can be issued by State, county or local law enforcement officers.

On interstate highways the maximum posted speed can be as high as 75 mph.  Other improved highways rarely have a posted speed limit exceeding 65 mph.  During the energy crisis of the 1970's Congress passed legislation limiting speeds on any road or highway to a maximum of 55 mph in order to conserve fuel.  This limitation lasted from 1974 until 1987 when it was increased to 65 mph.  In 1995 the speed limit limitation was lifted entirely and States were given the authority to set interstate highway speed limits.  The interstate highway system also has a minimum speed limit of 40 mph to protect drivers from slow moving vehicles.

Every State has a list of speed limits for the various types of roads and thoroughfares.  It is the responsibility of licensed drivers to know the State maximum speed limit for the type of road they are on in order to be safe and to avoid receiving a speeding ticket on un-posted roads.


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Speeding Ticket News
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Iowaaposs Supreme Court Hears Dispute Over 75 Speeding Ticket NPR NPR
NPR Iowa39s Supreme Court Hears Dispute Over 75 Speeding Ticket NPR NPR A dispute over a 75 speeding ticket has climbed through the levels of Iowa39s court system, reaching the lofty heights of the Iowa Supreme Court for oral Iowa Supreme Court to hear woman39s speeding ticket case Daily MailDaily Mail Iowa Supreme Court Hears First Speed Camera all 13 news articles raquo

Missouri City Accused Of Extortion After Driver Forced To Pay Extra Fee For S...
KCTV Kansas City Missouri city accused of extortion after driver forced to pay extra fee for speeding ticket KCTV Kansas City The lawyer for a local driver who was ticketed for speeding in a small town north of Hannibal says the city tried to force his client to pay an extra 100 fee for a speeding ticket. Janine Hofer of St. Louis County was ticketed in Palmyra for going 72

Resident Wants Police To Focus On Serious Crimes Instead Of Traffic Tickets ...
Resident wants police to focus on serious crimes instead of traffic tickets The Tand Freeman said Denmark police are often on Voorhees Road writing speeding tickets for college students that they nor their parents can afford instead of focusing on other crimes in the area. He also mentioned a homeless woman on the streets that he felt

Freeway Crackdown: Nearly 1000 Speeding Tickets Written On Milwaukee County F...
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Freeway crackdown: Nearly 1000 speeding tickets written on Milwaukee County freeways Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt talks about his respect for former Sheriff Clarke, and his hope for being able to cooperate with all departments and elected officials in the community. Video by Mike De Sisti.

Nearly 2400 Speeding Tickets On MBZ, Emirates Road After New Speed Limits Kh...
Khaleej Times Nearly 2400 speeding tickets on MBZ, Emirates Road after new speed limits Khaleej Times Nearly 2,400 speeding violations were recorded in two days on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, according to Dubai Police. The violations have been reported after the speed limits were reduced on these roads with effect from Sunday and more raquo

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Facts of Law about speeding tickets

Facts of Law - Speeding Ticket