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Other Taxes

Federal, State and local governments have many ways to raise revenue through other taxes.  Many of these other taxes pay for specific programs.

Among them is unemployment insurance.  Although called an insurance, it is a federally mandated tax implemented by the States to provide a minimum income to those who have become unemployed through no fault of their own while they look for another job.  Unemployment insurance is paid by employers for the benefit of their employees.

Another tax is the federal excise tax.  Excise taxes apply to products such as gasoline and other fuels, tobacco products, firearms, alcohol and a few other products.

There are other taxes too numerous to mention that usually apply to specific products for specific programs.  Congress loves to find a product and look for a new way to tax it and create something new to spend the money the tax brings in.


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Small Business Taxes: 5 Ways To Get The IRSapos Bullseye Off Your Back NewsO... Small business taxes: 5 ways to get the IRS39 bullseye off your back But, it can also feel at times like there is a target right across your back with the Internal Revenue Service and other taxation officials, said Travis Watkins, an Oklahoma City tax attorney. The IRS perceives that small businesses pay less than

Our View: County Should Go Slow On Taxes Santa Fe New Mexican
Our view: County should go slow on taxes Santa Fe New Mexican With that endorsement, Santa Fe County Commissioners and their staff have put together two proposals for raising GRTs in the county, seemingly forgetting that nowhere on the ballot did voters express support for raising taxes for other purposes even

Tax Cuts In Republican Senate Health Bill Undercut Its Best Justification Fo...
The Hill Tax Cuts In Republican Senate Health Bill Undercut Its Best Justification Forbes But in an era with a 20 trillion deficit and an annual tax shortfall that measures in the hundreds of billions per year, a political party with genuine concern about the deficit would accede to other painful cuts and at least partly replace those The CBO chart that shows the Senate health care bill is really about tax cutsVox Senate Health Bill Gives Huge Tax Cuts to Businesses, High Income Households UpdateFox Business Senate bill would repeal most ObamaCare taxes, delay Cadillac taxThe Hill Quartz Fox News The Guardian Senate Budget Committee all 10,215 news articles raquo

How The Trump Tax Plan Could Lure Chris Paul To The San Antonio Spurs Forbes
Forbes How The Trump Tax Plan Could Lure Chris Paul To The San Antonio Spurs Forbes To illustrate, if Paul had 10,000 of income allocated to a state with a 5 tax rate, California as Paul39s state of domicile will tax the income at 13.3, or 1,330. The other state will tax the income at 5, or 500. Finally, on his California and more raquo

Tax Reform That Works For All The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe Tax reform that works for all The Boston Globe Tax policy should help to solve global warming by putting a new tax on carbon pollution. A reasonable approach would be to introduce a gradually rising tax on CO2 emission, accelerating the shift to wind, solar, nuclear, and other low carbon sources of and more raquo

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