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Other Taxes

Federal, State and local governments have many ways to raise revenue through other taxes.  Many of these other taxes pay for specific programs.

Among them is unemployment insurance.  Although called an insurance, it is a federally mandated tax implemented by the States to provide a minimum income to those who have become unemployed through no fault of their own while they look for another job.  Unemployment insurance is paid by employers for the benefit of their employees.

Another tax is the federal excise tax.  Excise taxes apply to products such as gasoline and other fuels, tobacco products, firearms, alcohol and a few other products.

There are other taxes too numerous to mention that usually apply to specific products for specific programs.  Congress loves to find a product and look for a new way to tax it and create something new to spend the money the tax brings in.


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OPINION: AposFair Shareapos Rhetoric And Other Tax Scams The Daily Progress
Daily Signal OPINION: 39Fair share39 rhetoric and other tax scams The Daily Progress Politicians exploit public ignorance. Few areas of public ignorance provide as many opportunities for political demagoguery as taxation. Today some politicians argue that the rich must pay their fair share and label the proposed changes in tax law as National ReviewNational Review all 10 news articles raquo

Trump, Red State Democrats Warily Approach Each Other On Tax Cuts Washingto...
Washington Post Trump, red state Democrats warily approach each other on tax cuts Washington Post President Trump plans to intensify his outreach to Senate Democrats this week as he tries to broaden support for massive tax cuts, but the administration39s prior and more raquo

Trump Claims Heaposs Done More Than Any President In 9 Months At Heritage Eve...
Yahoo Finance Trump claims he39s done more than any president in 9 months at Heritage event CBS News President Trump, pitching his tax plan and other administration efforts to the Heritage Foundation39s annual President39s Club Meeting Tuesday night, claimed his administration has accomplished more in nine months than any administration in history. quotWe The dirty secret of tax reform: It39s all about cutting business taxesYahoo Finance Trump pitches tax plan as 39the best Christmas present of all39Fox News You Believe Too Many Tax Myths And Republicans Are Taking Advantage Of ItHuffPost all 425 news articles raquo

Another Red Flag For Tech Companies Motley Fool
Another red flag for tech companies Motley Fool to dominate internet based searches and ads. Looking ahead, Microsoft NASDAQ:MSFT which sends its overseas profits through subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Ireland, and other low tax countries could be next on the European Commission39s list. and more raquo

2018 State Business Tax Climate Index Tax Foundation 2018 State Business Tax Climate Index Tax Foundation Scheduled annual rate reductions began in 2015, and this year39s final reduction helped the state improve six places on the corporate income tax component, from 19th to 13th. The cuts have been aided by limitations on credits and other tax preferences Business tax climate: How Colorado compares to other Report: Illinois ranks 29th in tax climate for businessChicago Tribune Arizona: Where sales taxes are high and property, corporate taxes go lowPhoenix Business Journal WIBW News Now all 44 news articles raquo

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