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Eminent Domain

Eminent domain occurs when the State or federal government appropriates real estate from a private owner without the owner's consent.  The owner is usually compensated for the loss of the property at a rate that the government determines is a just and fair value.

Normally, eminent domain is used to acquire right of way for a new road or some other public use.  It may also be used by a municipality to exercise planning and development.  In the latter case, an area might be designated as "blighted" and condemned.  The municipality may then raze the structures provide the land to a third party for development.

 The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the right of municipalities to use eminent domain even if the intent is to provide the property to a third party.  Municipalities have even put business men and women out of business and moved people from their homes against their wishes in order to provide their property to another business entity for development.  This has been done, some say, to improve the community.  Others say this should be an unconstitutional seizure of property.

Government use of eminent domain is not limited to real property.  It may be applied to the value of a contract.  Condemnation of a franchise agreement is sometimes used by a city to displace a franchise.


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Eminent Domain News
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Roanoke City Council Votes To Authorize Use Of Eminent Domain If Roanoke Times
Roanoke Times Roanoke City Council votes to authorize use of eminent domain if Roanoke Times Roanoke officials are now free to use eminent domain to acquire the last stretch of land to complete the 10 mile Roanoke River Greenway in the city, but say Roanoke City Council authorizes use of eminent domain forWSLS all 4 news articles raquo

Roanoke City Leaders Vote To Keep Eminent Domain In Back Pocket For Greenway ...
WFIR News Talk Radio Roanoke City leaders vote to keep eminent domain in back pocket for Greenway WFIR News Talk Radio Roanoke City Council voted unanimously yesterday to approve use of eminent domain in order to acquire a piece of land needed to complete the Roanoke River Greenway. Walker Machine and Foundry owns a parcel of land the city would need and officials

Eminent Domain Takings Are Thievery LancasterOnline
Eminent domain takings are thievery LancasterOnline I have been following the antics of Williams Partners, the builder of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, and its subsidiary, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line, which has seized people39s land through eminent domain. That is nothing more than thievery and the

Aurora City Council Pushes To Condemn Park County Property For Construction O...
The Denver Post Aurora City Council pushes to condemn Park County property for construction of giant reservoir The Denver Post The council discussion on Wild Horse Reservoir, which is designed to hold 32,400 acre feet of water, brought out strong feelings about private property rights and what the city39s proper role is when it comes to exercising its eminent domain powers. I

Roanoke To Hold Public Hearing On Using Eminent Domain Against Foundry For Ri...
Roanoke Times Roanoke to hold public hearing on using eminent domain against foundry for river greenway Roanoke Times The Roanoke City Council on Monday will consider allowing eminent domain as an option to acquire the final property rights to complete the 10 mile section of the Roanoke River Greenway. City staff is asking the council to approve condemning all or part

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Facts of Law about declaring eminent domain

Facts of Law - Eminent Domain