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Where To Learn About Product Recalls

Depending upon the severity of a product defect and how widely a product may be distributed, product recalls may be advertised in newspapers, on websites, on TV, through mailing and at distribution points.  If you suspect or have heard that a product you have may have a product recall, you should check with the website of the product manufacturer for recall information or call the distribution point where you purchased the product.

Items that you have registered and the manufacturer has a record of your purchase and mailing address, will afford consumers with at minimum a letter informing them of the recall and what action to take to return or replace the product.

Some voluntary recalls of products with minor defects may not be widely publicized.  In these cases, the consumer generally must make a product complaint or ask about possible product recalls in order to take advantage of the recall.  Companies may do this to attempt to reduce product recall costs.


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Amazon Recalls Potentially Hazardous Solar Eclipse Glasses PBS NewsHour
WBIR TV Amazon recalls potentially hazardous solar eclipse glasses PBS NewsHour Amazon issued a recall for some eclipse glasses sold on its internet marketplace, but did not publicly list the offending vendors or brands. Photo by urmoments/via We recommend that you DO NOT use this product to view the sun or the eclipse. Yet Amazon eclipse glasses recall creates panic for buyers, sellersWBIR TV Local retailer warning about recalled solar eclipse glassesKTVB Amazon recalls eclipse glasses US sellers stunned by sudden moveFirst Coast News Carson Valley Times WDRB Promo Marketing blog American Astronomical Society all 4,091 news articles raquo

What Brands Are Actually Behind Trader Joeaposs Snacks Eater
Eater What Brands Are Actually Behind Trader Joe39s Snacks Eater One trick is to look at recall information. When a product is recalled or flagged by the Food and Drug Administration or United States Department of Agriculture, the product manufacturers generally publish all the stores and brand labels under which and more raquo

Discuss: Galaxy Note 4 Batteries Recalled, But Samsungaposs CNET
CNET Discuss: Galaxy Note 4 batteries recalled, but Samsung39s CNET The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 10,200 batteries are affected by the recall, which is much smaller than the 3 million recalled Note 7 devices. Another big difference between the recalls is that the Note 4 features a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 refurbished batteries get recalled due to overheating concernsTechCrunch Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled for overheating riskThe Verge Counterfeit Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled by supplierTechRadar TechSpot SlashGear all 468 news articles raquo

Ford Focus Recall: Models Made Between April 2011 And September 2015 Featured...
Courier Mail Ford Focus recall: Models made between April 2011 and September 2015 featured in safety recall Courier Mail This could cause the fuel tank to reach vacuum levels that exceed design limits, the product recall states. For further information contact any authorised Ford dealer or the Ford Customer Relationship Centre on toll free 1800 503 672. For the

Raspberry Mousse Cakes Sold In Multiple Provinces Recalled For Norovirus New...
News Talk 980 CJME Raspberry mousse cakes sold in multiple provinces recalled for norovirus News Talk 980 CJME The main symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and stomach cramps. Other symptoms may include low grade fever, headache, chills, muscle aches and fatigue. Full recall information, including affected brands and product codes, is available from the Raspberry mousse cakes recalled because they may contain norovirusBarrieToday Updated Food Recall Warning Raspberry mousse cakes recalled due to norovirusCanadian Food Inspection Agency press release Raspberry mousse cakes sold in multiple provinces recalled by all 23 news articles raquo

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Facts of Law showing where to learn about product recalls

Facts of Law - Where To Learn About Product Recalls