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What Causes Mold

To understand what causes mold, one must understand that mold spores are all around us in the air.  When a leak or other source causes water or moisture to accumulate in a dark area such as a wall or vent, mold can start to grow.  In some substrates that absorb and hold water, mold tends to thrive if water is present.

Many of the building materials used in our homes, schools and offices are excellent mediums for holding moisture and promoting the growth of mold.  Carpet, wood and drywall all hold water when exposed to leaking pipes, leaking roofs, or faulty condensation collectors.  Poor maintenance or faulty plumbing can easily lead to severe mold infestations in walls and ductwork.  Mold spores in the air are what causes mold but without moisture retention, mold growth cannot start and become a problem.


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Causes of Mold News
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Leaky Roof Causes Mold, Other Problems In Eudora Welty Library Jackson Clari...
Jackson Clarion Ledger Leaky roof causes mold, other problems in Eudora Welty library Jackson Clarion Ledger JACKSON, Miss. A leaking roof is causing a host of problems at a public library in Mississippi. WAPT TV reports that several administrative offices have Leaky Roof Causes Mold and Other Problems in LibraryU.S. News World Report all 3 news articles raquo

Sick Building: Fungi Release Toxin Directly Into Air, Study Finds Sick Building: Fungi Release Toxin Directly Into Air, Study Finds Toxins from mold can aerosolize directly into the air, which may help explain one cause of sick building syndrome, French researchers said Friday. Mold growing in buildings can make people sick, especially people who are allergic to various fungi. It39s 39Sick building syndrome39 can be produced by wallpaper fungiPulse Headlines Microbial volatile organic compounds. NCBINCBI Fungal pollution of indoor environments and its management NCBI NIHNCBI NIH The Environmental Illness Resource Applied and Environmental Microbiology American Society for Microbiology all 48 news articles raquo

Tribe Comes Under Fire As Mold Creeps Through Homes Wausau Daily Herald
Wausau Daily Herald Tribe comes under fire as mold creeps through homes Wausau Daily Herald While there is no scientific evidence that inhaling mold spores causes serious health issues for most people, certain molds can produce toxins that have been linked with respiratory problems. People with allergies or weakened immune systems also may be

What Causes Pine Tree Needles To Turn Yellowbrown Belleville NewsDemocrat
Belleville News Democrat What causes pine tree needles to turn yellow brown Belleville News Democrat This problem usually indicates that the slime mold is living on dead debris, such as the mulch or dead grass clippings. You can control them by hitting them with a hard stream of water, which usually breaks them apart. Be careful not to direct the

Another Leak Causes More Damage At New Broward Courthouse Sun Sentinel
Sun Sentinel Another leak causes more damage at new Broward courthouse Sun Sentinel During construction, contractor James Cummings Inc. had to repair damaged interior materials and remove mold following a June 2014 rainstorm. Later, an undetected overflowing toilet damaged ceilings, carpets, tiles and walls on three floors and led to

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Facts of Law explaining what causes indoor mold

Facts of Law - What Causes Mold