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What Causes Mold

To understand what causes mold, one must understand that mold spores are all around us in the air.  When a leak or other source causes water or moisture to accumulate in a dark area such as a wall or vent, mold can start to grow.  In some substrates that absorb and hold water, mold tends to thrive if water is present.

Many of the building materials used in our homes, schools and offices are excellent mediums for holding moisture and promoting the growth of mold.  Carpet, wood and drywall all hold water when exposed to leaking pipes, leaking roofs, or faulty condensation collectors.  Poor maintenance or faulty plumbing can easily lead to severe mold infestations in walls and ductwork.  Mold spores in the air are what causes mold but without moisture retention, mold growth cannot start and become a problem.


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Causes of Mold News
GN News

AposIglooapos Reopened Following Mold Issue Escanaba Daily Press
39Igloo39 reopened following mold issue Escanaba Daily Press In July, the Igloo was closed after air quality tests conducted by Tri Media showed high levels of mold throughout the facility. The main causes of the mold invasion and growth were water leaks, dirt and grass from football player39s cleats mixing into

Literary Gardener: The Grapes Of Wrath From Powdery Mildew And Gray Mold Mai...
Literary Gardener: The grapes of wrath from powdery mildew and gray mold Mail Tribune Gray mold disease causes grapes to become mushy white grapes turn brown and purple cultivars turn red. The grapes will shrivel and eventually drop off. Grapevines can be infected with more than one disease at a time, not to mention a host of insect and more raquo

TFD Firefighters Return To Station 7 Following Concerns Of Mold WCTV
WCTV TFD firefighters return to Station 7 following concerns of mold WCTV In all stations, the air quality assessment confirmed the levels were not suggestive of indoor mold growth condition. Inspectors observed isolated areas that contained surface mold caused by moistures. This was immediately addressed and we do not

Iowa Climate Statement 2017: Itaposs Not Just Heat, Itaposs Humidity DesMoin... Iowa Climate Statement 2017: It39s not just heat, it39s humidity Uncomfortable humidity, water logged spring soils, extreme rain events, mold and mosquitoes are all expected to become more prevalent in Iowa due to a rarely discussed impact of climate change: increased humidity. Discussions about climate change in

New Ceiling Tiles, LLC. Introduces The Forever Ceiling Tile Broadway World
New Ceiling Tiles, LLC. Introduces the Forever Ceiling Tile Broadway World Mold damage in restaurants, commercial kitchens and food processing plants causes unnecessary downtime. Don39t continue the cycle of replacing the same problem ceiling with the same materials and eliminate the problems of mold, spotting, sagging and and more raquo

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Facts of Law explaining what causes indoor mold

Facts of Law - What Causes Mold