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Mold Legal Claims

When mold is found growing in the walls or ventilation system of a home or building, it can be a very expensive proposition to clean up the problem.  Mold problems in apartment buildings, offices and other habitable structures is very dangerous for the occupants and can lead to multiple mold legal claims.

Mold infestations are often the result of moisture getting into walls and ventilation ducts.  Sometimes the moisture is a result of leaking pipes or broken drain pipes and other times it is the result of a lack of maintenance or negligence.  When it results from a lack of maintenance or neglect and there is potential for health risks or other damages, there is the possibility of litigation.

Sometimes mold infestation results from bad design or faulty construction.  Mold contamination in new construction is often covered by the builder's warranty.  Known potential mold problem areas should be disclosed to potential property buyers to avoid future responsibility and possible litigation. Signs of existing or persistent water damage should always be inspected before mold problems can get out of hand.

Any time a mold problem is found in a business or home, experts should be summoned to determine the extent of the problem and the type of mold involved.  Some mold infestations are of the toxic mold variety.  Toxic mold can have serious health consequences for those exposed to the mold or mold spores.

When any mold problem is discovered in a structure there is a health risk and and legal advice should be sought.  It is possible a builder, employer or contractor may be answering to some mold legal claims.


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