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Pathophysiology of Mesothelioma

The pathophysiolgy of Mesothelioma indicates a deposit of asbestos fibers in the parenchyma of the lungs where they have been carried to the pleural surface through penetration of the visceral pleura.  There the fibers resulted in the development of mesothelial plaques.  It is hypothesized that that the fibers can be transported from the lungs by the lymphatic system to other organs causing peritoneal Mesothelioma to develop.  Asbestos fibers may be deposited in the stomach and intestines from swallowing of the fibers.

It has been shown that asbestos fibers induce carcinogenesis.  Inodulated phosphorylated chrysotile fibers have induced malignant Mesothelioma development in rats.  Fibers in the pleura and peritoneal cavities of rats show the attraction of significant numbers microphages of the immune system to the resulting legions and eventual morphation of the legions to malignant tumors.  In humans the fibers need to move to the pleura in order for pathogenesis of malignant Mesothelioma.

It is suspected that asbestos fibers act as a carcinogen transforming normal mesothelial cells into malignant cells.  The interaction of the fibers with the mesothelial cells and with inflammatory cells such as macrophages result in the carcinogenic effects of the fibers.

Longer asbestos fibers have been associated in a higher incidence of Mesothelioma in studies with mice.  Experiments have shown that longer fibers are able to penetrate DNA and adhere to chromosomes creating complex abnormalities in the DNA.  Other experiments have shown that asbestos fibers have immunosupressive characteristics.


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Mesothelioma Deaths Not Declining As Expected Rare Disease Report
Rare Disease Report Mesothelioma Deaths Not Declining As Expected Rare Disease Report From 1999 to 2015, a total of 45,221 deaths caused from mesothelioma in people older than 25 years old was recorded in the US. Of those, 16,914 came from patients 7584 years old. While that is somewhat expected given the long latency period, it is and more raquo

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Medical Equipment For Home Use
Medical Equipment for Home Use After a mesothelioma diagnosis, patients may be prescribed a variety of treatments. In addition, patients or family members may wish to take advantage of life enhancing or life sustaining medical equipment that is available. There is an array of

What Is A Pleural Effusion What Is a Pleural Effusion It is one of the symptoms that can severely affect your quality of life when dealing with mesothelioma. The pleural cavity is an area between the two layers of the pleura a thin, protective tissue that lines the outer surface of the lungs and the

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Facts of Law about the pathophysiology of mesothelioma

Facts of Law - Mesothelioma Pathophysiology