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What Is Marriage?

Today Marriage is a legal joining between two individuals of the opposite sex that forms the basis of the family structure.  However, Marriage has been an integral part of most religions for millennia giving sanction to and establishing rules for sexual relations between a man and a woman. 

Marriage is governed by state law in modern day and is a union requiring obtaining of a marriage license and the taking of marriage vows.  Marriage can also take the form of "common law marriage" which is a form of marriage resulting from cohabitation without the formal process of "getting married".  Most states only recognize a common law marriage if it originated in and was recognized by a jurisdiction permitting such marriages.

Until recently, marriage was considered a life long commitment that could only be broken by death or infidelity.  It's legal definition has evolved recently to allow the parties to divorce and the marriage contract to be dissolved by the parties at will without specific cause.  Other changes have occurred in recent decades changing what had been the norm set over many centuries.  Both parties are expected to provide spousal support to the marriage or family whereas traditionally this role belonged to the husband.  Today, unlike past times, women are usually granted custody of any children produced by the marriage after a divorce.  Children born out of wedlock today have the same rights to support from both parents as legitimately born children.  The husband is no longer considered the head of the family and spousal abuse is no longer allowed.  Property acquired during the marriage is considered to be community property owned equally by husband and wife and no longer property of just the title holder. 

Generally, marriage can be thought of as an institution giving a husband and wife the rights to merge their lives together in a family bond providing both emotional and economic benefits sanctioned by society and under the law. Marriage also establishes the father and mother of a child.  The area of law dealing with marriage and the family is usually referred to as family law.  Love, emotional relationships, rearing children, sexual privileges, property ownership, kinship, inheritance and relationship to society are all part of the privileges and obligations that come with marriage.

The building blocks for society are thought to begin with the family structure.  Without marriage these building blocks would not exist and society as we know it today would not exist.  Marriage is very basis for creating the civilized nature of human existence.  Without it mankind would not have the civil, structured society that we all enjoy.


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UK Mother Jailed For Forcing Daughter To Marry In Pakistan CNN
CNN UK mother jailed for forcing daughter to marry in Pakistan CNN The court heard that the girl had been entered into a quotmarriage contractquot with the man years before in Pakistan and became pregnant to him at age 13. The victim had an abortion on returning to the UK, with her doctor reporting his concerns to social Forced marriage: Mother jailed for four and a half yearsBBC News Mother convicted in landmark British case over forced marriageUSA TODAY Woman Who Forced Pakistani Daughter Into Marriage Convicted In EnglandRadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty The Guardian ABC News all 73 news articles raquo

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New York Daily News Husband in 1998 Mall of America arranged marriage dead at 48 New York Daily News quotIf someone would have told me on the day of the wedding that you39re going to marry this stranger and you39re going to have this awesome relationship and fantastic love,quot she told the Star Tribune, quotbut it39s going to end when he39s 48, do you still want She won him and wed him at the Mall of America nearly 20 years Washington Post 39Greatest love story39 began with arranged marriage at Mall of Minneapolis Star Tribune A marriage made at the Mall of America nearly 20 years ago is cut short sadly by cancerSFGate WTOP Grand Forks Herald all 18 news articles raquo

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The Jerusalem Post Civil marriage in Eilat to be proposed in forthcoming legislation The Jerusalem Post Israeli citizens must be afforded the right to choose for themselves their lifestyle and specifically to realize their democratic and universal right to marry in a civil ceremony in Israel, and emphasize the democratic and liberal character of the


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