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Educational Malpractice

Malpractice can also occur in the field of education.  Educational malpractice happens when a school system fails to teach every student the basic tenants of the coursework being covered.

Most States have put in place accountability systems and the federal government has its 'no child left behind' program.  however, these systems and programs don't always work.  Today, children are graduating from high school without having adequate reading, writing and math skills.  In other professions, the practitioners would be guilty of malpractice and held responsible in a court of law.  Unfortunately, teachers and school system, while having been educated and licensed as professionals, have been mostly immune from educational malpractice accountability.

In cases brought against teachers, school systems and boards of education for educational malpractice, courts have ruled that educational injury is not covered by statute or the cause of the student's deficiency cannot be determined.

Educational professionals should be held accountable for injury to students who are evaluated and passed but didn't gain a reasonable amount of knowledge concerning the course subject.  Educational malpractice occurs and is ignored during nearly every public school graduating class.


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Educational Malpractice News
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David Staples: Math Results Show We Must End Two Decades Of Educational Malpr...
Edmonton Journal David Staples: Math results show we must end two decades of educational malpractice Edmonton Journal Math education in Alberta has reached a new low. Our rate of math illiteracy has doubled for Grade 4 students since 2011, with our most vulnerable students hit hardest. The latest results are part of a disturbing trend that has seen Alberta schools and more raquo

Monday At ISTE 2017: Radiolab, Digital Equity And Chromebooks Education Dive
Monday at ISTE 2017: Radiolab, digital equity and Chromebooks Education Dive News, voices and jobs for education professionals. Optimized for your mobile phone. and more raquo

Law School Misled Students On Accreditation, Suit Says Law360 Subscription
Law School Misled Students On Accreditation, Suit Says Law360 subscription In briefs Tuesday, the students shot back at the arguments by CSL, Infilaw and Sterling that their lawsuit is disguised as a claim for educational malpractice, which is not recognized by the state of North Carolina. The students argued that the ABA and more raquo

8 Keys To Designing Tomorrowaposs Schools, Today EdSurge News EdSurge
8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow39s Schools, Today EdSurge News EdSurge For the past 20 years, we have worked as teachers, administrators and advisors in public schools around the country. And we39ve traveled meeting and more raquo

NY Students Apply For Free State And City College Tuition Townhall
Townhall NY Students Apply for Free State and City College Tuition Townhall In April, the Assembly approved Gov. Andrew Cuomo39s proposal to provide free college education for in state students attending a SUNY or CUNY, state or city university of New York. New York students began applying last Wednesday, June 7, with 3,000 NYS Higher Education Services Corporation Excelsior ScholarshipHESC all 90 news articles raquo

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Facts of Law about malpractice in education

Facts of Law - Educational Malpractice