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Educational Malpractice

Malpractice can also occur in the field of education.  Educational malpractice happens when a school system fails to teach every student the basic tenants of the coursework being covered.

Most States have put in place accountability systems and the federal government has its 'no child left behind' program.  however, these systems and programs don't always work.  Today, children are graduating from high school without having adequate reading, writing and math skills.  In other professions, the practitioners would be guilty of malpractice and held responsible in a court of law.  Unfortunately, teachers and school system, while having been educated and licensed as professionals, have been mostly immune from educational malpractice accountability.

In cases brought against teachers, school systems and boards of education for educational malpractice, courts have ruled that educational injury is not covered by statute or the cause of the student's deficiency cannot be determined.

Educational professionals should be held accountable for injury to students who are evaluated and passed but didn't gain a reasonable amount of knowledge concerning the course subject.  Educational malpractice occurs and is ignored during nearly every public school graduating class.


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Kids Who Attend Online Charters Perform Like Traditional Students Who Boing...
Boing Boing Kids who attend online charters perform like traditional students who Boing Boing Stanford39s Center for Research on Education Outcomes released this study in 2015, comparing the outcomes for students enrolled in online charter schools with and more raquo

Commentary: Let Florida Voters Decide Fate Of Education Funding The NewsPress
The News Press Commentary: Let Florida voters decide fate of education funding The News Press We demand that state lawmakers stop holding our children and their academic future hostage. We must hold our children harmless. Let the Florida voters and more raquo

Volusia Schools Losing Millions In State Funding, District Says WFTV Orlando
WFTV Orlando Volusia schools losing millions in state funding, district says WFTV Orlando This is educational malpractice. It39s time to stop, Johnson said. Johnson said the extra funding could help cover teacher raises, or the nearly 2 million budget shortfall that the district will tap reserves to close. Johnson said she plans to travel

Reader Says Critical Thinking No Substitute For Basic Math Skills The Killee...
Reader says critical thinking no substitute for basic math skills The Killeen Daily Herald The educational malpractice of our government school monopoly would stop overnight if they had competition. Report Add Reply. Heights Teacher Jul 31, 2017 12:24pm. And how exactly did I quotmake the casequot Instead of playing the tiring, pointless, never

Volusia School Board Chair Leading Statewide Fight For Fairer Funding Dayton...
Daytona Beach News Journal Volusia School Board chair leading statewide fight for fairer funding Daytona Beach News Journal The fiscal penalties, from Johnson39s perspective, equate to educational malpractice and a kind of theft that she refers to as a reverse Robin Hood as funds generally travel from poorer to richer counties. Since 2004, when the current formula behind

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Facts of Law about malpractice in education

Facts of Law - Educational Malpractice