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Malpractice occurs when a professional fails to follow generally accepted standards of the profession.  It is most commonly thought of happening with respect to medical professionals, investment professionals, accountants and attorneys.  When a professional commits malpractice it results in a violation of trust and responsibility the professional has to his or her client.

When a medical professional commits malpractice, the health or even the life of the practitioner's patient may become at risk.  The medical profession and their insurers argue that the high costs of medical malpractice lawsuits in an ever complicated profession are driving up medical expenses for everyone.  Lawyers involved with medical malpractice cases, on the other hand, argue that patients deserve to be made whole again after the potential devastating results of malpractice by a medical professional.  They also claim that malpractice accountability has helped to make the U.S. healthcare system the best in the world.

While malpractice lawsuits against physicians and hospitals may result in more comprehensive healthcare, it also results in physicians ordering additional tests and procedures for legal reasons rather than for clinical reasons.  Occasionally, these extra tests turn out to be useful but much more often they are just an extra, unnecessary expense to the patient.  Estimates of the additional costs these unnecessary tests and procedures cost patients and their insurance companies approach $100 Billion annually.  Some argue that this additional cost is worth spending to have the world's best healthcare system.


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Reset The Clock For Malpractice Suits New York Times
Reset the Clock for Malpractice Suits New York Times In March 2013, Ms. Wilkinson died at age 41. She had tried a year earlier to sue city owned Kings County Hospital for malpractice, but was too late. New York law requires that such a lawsuit be brought no later than 15 months after a medical mistake is

Savannah Jury Returns 4.48M Medical Malpractice Verdict Daily Report Registr...
Daily Report registration Savannah Jury Returns 4.48M Medical Malpractice Verdict Daily Report registration A jury in Savannah has awarded 4.475 million to a widow whose husband died in a Reidsville hospital the night after spinal fusion surgery. quotThe jury was only out two hours and 20 minutes,quot said one of the winning lawyers, Bart Turner of Savage, Turner

Moms Speak Out After Winning Malpractice Lawsuit Against Attorney Moms Speak Out After Winning Malpractice Lawsuit Against Attorney The McFarland39s sued their adoption lawyer Jason Reiper for malpractice. This week a Polk County jury sided with the mothers and awarded them 3 million in damages. It39s a victory three year in the making. In 2014 they lost their adopted son, Gabriel This Couple Got 3.25 Million After Their Adopted Son Was Killed by His Biological all 2 news articles raquo

Former San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre Sued For Alleged Malpractice ...
The San Diego Union Tribune Former San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre sued for alleged malpractice The San Diego Union Tribune High profile San Diego attorney Michael Aguirre, who has built a career attacking powerful interests in business and government, is being sued for malpractice. A group of clients involved in a construction defect lawsuit claim in a lawsuit that Aguirre

Legal Malpractice Claims Level Off As Conflicts And Cyber Claims Rise Lexolo...
Legal Malpractice Claims Level Off as Conflicts and Cyber Claims Rise Lexology registration Statistics regarding the type, frequency and severity of legal malpractice claims submitted to insurers during 2016 were released at the end of June. From the law firm and attorney perspective, the news is generally good in that the number of

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