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What Is A Lawsuit?

A lawsuit is a civil action brought in a court of law by a plaintiff seeking relief from the court against the party named as the the defendant.  Lawsuits can be brought for a large number of reasons such as breach of contract, seeking damages from an accident or other incident, seeking punitive damages if allowed by law, seeking an injunction to stop an action, for real estate disputes, dog bites, etc., etc.  The list is endless.  In most instances, a lawsuit contains a request for monetary damages.

After hearing both parties present the complaint, the evidence, supporting case law, the redress being requested and the defense, the judge or jury decides if the plaintiff's case is valid under the law and, if so, issues an appropriate judgment in favor of the plaintiff.  A judgment may or may not be for what the plaintiff had requested.  Also, the defendant may answer the complaint to the court with a counter suit asking for redress from the plaintiff.

Civil lawsuits are not always between individuals.  They can include corporations, partnerships, municipalities, governments and other legal entities.

In the United States a lawsuit can be brought against anyone for practically any legal reason.  Many lawsuits are called frivolous lawsuits because the complaint if over a very small or ridiculous issue and the intent is to either find a sympathetic jury that will award an unreasonable judgment or the defendant will settle with the plaintiff for a sum of money just to avoid the hassle of dealing with the suit.

Unfortunately, in most civil cases the responsibility of paying the legal expenses of defending oneself from a lawsuit cannot be recovered from the plaintiff even if the defense is successful.  This is one reason the U.S. is suffering from an epidemic of frivolous lawsuits.  Some countries require that the losing party pay the legal expenses of both parties.  The fear of losing and having to pay all attorney's fees for both sides prevents many from bringing frivolous suits in those countries.


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Lawsuit News
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Cosby Venue Could Move To California In Sex Abuse Lawsuit ABC News
Cosby venue could move to California in sex abuse lawsuit ABC News Cosby39s next legal challenge shifts to California with a hearing scheduled Tuesday, June 27, to set a trial date in a lawsuit accusing him of sexually assaulting a teen at the Playboy Mansion more than 40 years ago. AP Photo/Matt Rourke, Filemore . and more raquo

Anthem Settles A Security Breach Lawsuit Affecting 80M USA TODAY
WSAW Anthem settles a security breach lawsuit affecting 80M USA TODAY Anthem has agreed to pay 115 million to settle class action lawsuits stemming from a 2015 cyberattack breach that may have affected the personal information of nearly 80 million customers, company officials said Monday. The settlement agreement, which Anthem settles class action lawsuit over 2015 data breachWSAW all 41 news articles raquo

Opinion Analysis: Court Sends Crossborder Shooting Lawsuit Back To Lower Cour...
SCOTUSblog blog Opinion analysis: Court sends cross border shooting lawsuit back to lower court SCOTUSblog blog It has been a little over seven years since 15 year old Sergio Hernandez was shot by Jesus Mesa, a U.S. Border Patrol agent, while Hernandez was standing on the Mexican side of the border. Hernandez39s family filed a lawsuit against Mesa, arguing that and more raquo

A Fox News Host Ambushed Jesse Ventura About His AposAmerican Sniperapos Laws...
Washington Post A Fox News host ambushed Jesse Ventura about his 39American Sniper39 lawsuit. It got ugly. Washington Post Their widely reported bar fight, and the accusations, recriminations and lawsuit that followed, got a new blast when self described Fox News political humorist Jesse Watters of racist Chinatown infamy conducted an impromptu Jesse on Jesse interview and more raquo

Essential Oil Companiesapos Lawsuit Ends In Dismissal Utah Business
Daily Herald Essential Oil Companies39 Lawsuit Ends in Dismissal Utah Business Lehi, Salt Lake CityA five year legal battle between essential oil giants doTERRA and Young Living ended with the dismissal of a 2012 lawsuit Thursday. Young Living filed the suit alleging that four former Young Living employees, David Stirling Jury finds doTERRA committed no wrongdoing against Young Living, lawsuit dismissedDaily Herald all 5 news articles raquo

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