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What Is A Lawsuit?

A lawsuit is a civil action brought in a court of law by a plaintiff seeking relief from the court against the party named as the the defendant.  Lawsuits can be brought for a large number of reasons such as breach of contract, seeking damages from an accident or other incident, seeking punitive damages if allowed by law, seeking an injunction to stop an action, for real estate disputes, dog bites, etc., etc.  The list is endless.  In most instances, a lawsuit contains a request for monetary damages.

After hearing both parties present the complaint, the evidence, supporting case law, the redress being requested and the defense, the judge or jury decides if the plaintiff's case is valid under the law and, if so, issues an appropriate judgment in favor of the plaintiff.  A judgment may or may not be for what the plaintiff had requested.  Also, the defendant may answer the complaint to the court with a counter suit asking for redress from the plaintiff.

Civil lawsuits are not always between individuals.  They can include corporations, partnerships, municipalities, governments and other legal entities.

In the United States a lawsuit can be brought against anyone for practically any legal reason.  Many lawsuits are called frivolous lawsuits because the complaint if over a very small or ridiculous issue and the intent is to either find a sympathetic jury that will award an unreasonable judgment or the defendant will settle with the plaintiff for a sum of money just to avoid the hassle of dealing with the suit.

Unfortunately, in most civil cases the responsibility of paying the legal expenses of defending oneself from a lawsuit cannot be recovered from the plaintiff even if the defense is successful.  This is one reason the U.S. is suffering from an epidemic of frivolous lawsuits.  Some countries require that the losing party pay the legal expenses of both parties.  The fear of losing and having to pay all attorney's fees for both sides prevents many from bringing frivolous suits in those countries.


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Former Uber CEO Claims Lawsuit Against Him Is Aposshamefulapos The Verge
The Verge Former Uber CEO claims lawsuit against him is 39shameful39 The Verge Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has filed a response to Benchmark Capital39s fraud lawsuit against him, saying its claims depend substantially on quotinformation and belief,quot and not specific instances that detail fraud, reports Axios. The filing at the Travis Kalanick strikes back against Benchmark lawsuit, calling it a 39public and personal attack39TechCrunch Former Uber CEO says fraud lawsuit defies common senseEngadget Former Uber CEO says investor lawsuit a 39public and personal attack39Reuters Los Angeles Times Business Insider Axios all 94 news articles raquo

Poland Spring Water Is Committing Aposcolossal Fraud,apos Lawsuit Says USA T...
USA TODAY Poland Spring Water is committing 39colossal fraud,39 lawsuit says USA TODAY A lawsuit claims that Poland Spring Water is deceiving consumers with evergreen labels that say their bottle contains 100 percent natural spring water that hails from Maine. The legal complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in Connecticut claims Poland Spring water is a 39colossal fraud,39 lawsuit allegesFox News Lawsuit claims Poland Spring a 39colossal fraud,39 selling groundwaterWGME all 10 news articles raquo

Lawsuit: Prison Left Manaposs Leg Broken Since 2010 Daily Beast
Daily Beast Lawsuit: Prison Left Man39s Leg Broken Since 2010 Daily Beast At one point he was given crutches, but, according to a new ACLU lawsuit, they were taken away because the Department of Correctional Services did not think he was using them enough. Galle, who was hospitalized after suffering a psychotic break, ACLU files lawsuit against state over prison conditionsLincoln Journal Star Ricketts says ACLU lawsuit over Nebraska prison overcrowding could have dangerous consequencesOmaha World Herald all 74 news articles raquo

Nestle Defends AposKit Katapos Campaign Against Atari AposBreakoutapos Lawsui...
Reuters Nestle defends 39Kit Kat39 campaign against Atari 39Breakout39 lawsuit Reuters Reuters Nestle SA on Friday paddled back claims in a new lawsuit in which Atari SA accused the Swiss food company of pilfering its classic 1970s video game quotBreakoutquot to help sell Kit Kat chocolate covered wafer bars. Nestle damaged Atari39s and more raquo

Lawsuit: Tennessee County Operated Aposeugenics Schemeapos On Inmates The Te...
The Tennessean Lawsuit: Tennessee county operated 39eugenics scheme39 on inmates The Tennessean A rural Tennessee county39s controversial practice of allowing inmates to undergo birth control procedures in exchange for 30 days off their jail sentence is now the subject of a federal lawsuit. Advocacy lawyers with the pro bono legal arm of a Lawsuit: Sterilization for sentencing breaks violated rightsWATE 6 On Your Side all 8 news articles raquo

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