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Naturalization occurs when an individual is granted citizenship to a country other than the country of his or her birth.  Usually this process takes several years of waiting as a documented alien immigrant and eventually showing a knowledge of the history and professing loyalty to the new country before naturalization is granted.  Once granted, a naturalized citizen usually has all the rights of a natural born citizen.

In some instances, all rights are not passed to a new citizen through the naturalization process.  For instance, only a natural born citizen of the United States may be elected to the office of U.S. President.

The Constitution of the United States gives the Congress the power to make legislation prescribing the procedure and requirements for a non-citizen to be naturalized.  The definition of the process was revisited in the Fourteenth Amendment providing that citizenship of the State of residence is automatically passed along with naturalization.


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Norwalk Hosts Third Naturalization Ceremony For New Citizens Norwalk hosts third naturalization ceremony for new citizens Branford resident and Trinidad and Tobago native, Michelle Welsh, right, participates in the swearing in during a Special Naturalization Ceremony Tuesday, Oct. 17, at the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum in more. Photo: Erik Trautmann / Hearst

Nearly 300 Immigrants Aposfinallyapos Become US Citizens In Waukegan Ceremony...
Chicago Tribune Nearly 300 immigrants 39finally39 become US citizens in Waukegan ceremony Chicago Tribune A journey that began in 59 different countries culminated at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan on Tuesday when 291 immigrants took an oath of allegiance to become naturalized citizens of the United Sates. Before raising their right hands to make their

Rotary Hosts Naturalization Ceremony: 15 New Citizens Los Alamos Daily Post
Rotary Hosts Naturalization Ceremony: 15 New Citizens Los Alamos Daily Post Saturday, Oct. 14, Rotarian Jim Nesmith, with the help of other members of the Rotary Club of Los Alamos, arranged a Naturalization Ceremony for 15 new U.S. citizens. From left, Manvendra Dubey, Tudor Oprea, Judge M. Cristina Armijo, and Rotarian Jim

Dutchess Naturalization Ceremony Celebrates Stories Of 143 Immigrants Poughk...
Poughkeepsie Journal Dutchess naturalization ceremony celebrates stories of 143 immigrants Poughkeepsie Journal The Sarabia family of four sat together at the Family Partnership Center in the City of Poughkeepsie Friday afternoon. In just a little while, they would be official U.S. citizens. After 17 years in the United States, Julienne, 24, and Jed, 23, have

By The Numbers: Naturalization Press Herald
By the numbers: Naturalization Press Herald Note: Federal naturalized citizen reports omit statistics for nations with fewer than 10 naturalized citizens in any given year. As a result, the map below omits smaller nations that have contributed new citizens to Maine and likely under estimates

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