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Spousal Abuse

When physical abuse or rape is perpetrated on one spouse by another it is termed spousal abuse.  It is the most common type of domestic violence and usually involves the man assaulting his wife.

In many cases women are afraid to report spousal abuse.  They may be afraid of threats of further harm if they report an incident to police or they may be afraid of public ridicule.  Others simply believe that is the way of marriage and are the rights of their husband.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Spousal abuse in some other countries is not only permitted but encouraged.  Some cultures treat women and wives as little more than personal property of the father or husband.  Thankfully, that is not the case in the United States.

Spousal abuse is treated as a serious crime in the U.S. and abusers can face stiff prison sentences for assault on their wife.  Many half-way homes exist all over the U.S. where battered wives can seek refuge and safety from an abusive spouse.


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Spousal Abuse News
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Russian Tattoo Artist Helps Domestic Abuse Victims Hide Scars With Ink USA T...
USA TODAY Russian tattoo artist helps domestic abuse victims hide scars with ink USA TODAY Somewhere between psychologist and tattoo artist, Evguenia Zakhar transforms the scars of victims of domestic violence into veritable works of art at her tattoo Tattooing over the scars of domestic violence The Irish TimesIrish Times all 3 news articles raquo

Silicon Valley Executive Will Serve 13 Days For Spousal Abuse KQED
KQED Silicon Valley Executive Will Serve 13 Days for Spousal Abuse KQED Neha Rastogi was photographed leaving the Palo Alto Courthouse after a sentencing hearing in the case against her husband, whom she accused of spousal abuse. Rastogi39s husband Abhishek Gattani accepted a modified plea deal on June 15.

Johnny Deppaposs Domestic Abuse Allegations Deserve As Much Attention As His ...
Vox Johnny Depp39s domestic abuse allegations deserve as much attention as his assassination joke Vox Depp seems to have weathered the domestic violence charges while taking minimal damage to his career he39s still the face of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and he still has a major role in the Harry Potter spinoff franchise Fantastic Beasts Is Johnny Depp a rich and famous James T. HodgkinsonAmerican Thinker blog Depp Apologizes For Trump Assassination Joke, Says It Didn39t Come Out Like He Meant ItThe Inquisitr all 600 news articles raquo

Exwife Of Suspect In Fox Executive Murder Trial Discusses Spousal Abuse, Love...
KABC TV Ex wife of suspect in Fox executive murder trial discusses spousal abuse, love affair KABC TV As a high profile trial over the murder of a movie executive continues, the ex wife of the suspect and who was a witness to the killing took the stand with compelling testimony. KABC. KABC. Monday, June 19, 2017 07:54PM. LOS ANGELES KABC . and more raquo

Once Again, A Mass Shooter Has A History Of Domestic Violence Slate Magazine...
Slate Magazine blog Once Again, a Mass Shooter Has a History of Domestic Violence Slate Magazine blog Americans who follow news about public shootings in the country will not be surprised by the biography of James T. Hodgkinson, the 66 year old from Belleville, Illinois, who shot up a D.C. area baseball practice for congressional staffers on Wednesday Bergen: Domestic abuse can portend terror violenceCNN The Link Between Domestic Violence and Mass ShootingsThe New Yorker Why So Many Mass Shooters Have Domestic Violence in Their PastTIME Romper Washington Post Daily Beast all 86 news articles raquo

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Facts of Law discussing spousal abuse in marriage

Facts of Law - Spousal Abuse