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Employee Labor Law Rights

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Employee Labor Law Rights

Employee Rights Facts and The Law
How Equal Opportunity Affects You

Employment is an agreement between the employer and the employee in a business.  The employee provides labor or expertise to the business in return for wages or for other forms of payment such as food or rent.  Jobs can also be offered by individuals or other entities in need of labor or expertise from others.

The typical contract for employment in the U.S. is an "at-will" contract that may be terminated at any time by either the employer or employee for any reason.  Employees have certain employment labor rights (also known as Equal Opportunity Laws) granted to them as laborers.  Violations of these rights in the workplace often result in a lawyer filing litigation against the employer on behalf of the employee often seeking reinstatement to their former position or a comparable job.  Also, lost wages are usually included as part of the compensation requested by the employee.

Employees also have been given specific rights by law from the states and the federal government with regard to their employment.  These laws form the basis for employee rights in the U.S.  Such laws provide employees with the right to a minimum wage, the right to safe working conditions, the right to protection from racial discrimination and other specific rights.

The federal laws providing employee rights can be found primarily in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Medical Leave Act of 1993.  Under these laws employees are provided with protection from certain forms of discrimination and are provided with minimum wage and overtime pay rights.  There are many local and state statutes providing employees with additional rights and protections.

Employee rights laws are enforced in the U.S. by the appropriate state and federal courts.



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Employee Rights News
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Workers Should Direct Union Fees The Detroit News
The Detroit News Workers should direct union fees The Detroit News The Employee Rights Act, currently making its way through Congress, would accomplish this by requiring unions to get permission from workers to spend their dues on anything other than collective bargaining. Workers must now endure a lengthy and

Is It Legal In Vermont To Fire Someone For Marching In A Rally BurlingtonFre...
BurlingtonFreePress.com Is it legal in Vermont to fire someone for marching in a rally BurlingtonFreePress.com Correction: Employees who believe their rights have been violated can contact the civil rights unit of the Attorney General39s Office or file a lawsuit in Vermont Superior Court. An earlier version of this article misstated the venue for complaints and more raquo

AposTop Chefapos Case Exposes Outdated Labor Laws Washington Examiner
Washington Examiner 39Top Chef39 case exposes outdated labor laws Washington Examiner The Employee Rights Act ERA, federal legislation presently co sponsored by more than 80 members of Congress, would criminalize union threats and violence at the national level. The ERA outlaws the thuggish tactics that union officials often use and more raquo

Local Restaurant Abruptly Closes Lawyer Explains Employee Rights Wtkr.com
wtkr.com Local restaurant abruptly closes lawyer explains employee rights wtkr.com Editors note: The video attached to this story says the general manager informed staff of the closing Monday night, however they were told Tuesday Morning. HAMPTON, Va. A popular Hampton restaurant abruptly shut down Tuesday, sending staff members

A Notable Legal Victory For Employee Rights Financial Times
Financial Times A notable legal victory for employee rights Financial Times Justice may be blind, but it does not come for free. On Wednesday, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the fees charged to litigants in employment tribunals, which were raised sharply in 2013, were unlawful. The decision should be welcomed by anyone and more raquo

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