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Harassment On The Job

Harassment on the job can take the form of any of several offensive behaviors by an employer or co-worker.  It typically refers to acts found threatening or those objectionable acts found to be beyond those accepted by society.  Harassment my take the form of spreading lies about an employee or the receiving of unwanted sexual advances, particularly unwanted sexual advances that may place the employee in a potentially disadvantageous position.

What is considered harassment in one local may not be harassment in another.  It is often defined by the social norms of the country in question.  For instance, in many countries just insulting a religion in the workplace is considered to be harassment and has legal consequences.  In more open societies, such comments may be allowed without consequence.  These differences render the definition of harassment on the job difficult to define without specifying the country and local region.  Some anti-defamation groups may provide definitions of harassment that vary widely from the legal definition in the same local.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace typically involves unwanted sexual advances that could be considered intimidating, offensive or threatening to an employee.  In most cultures, including the U.S., there is legal recourse for any employee experiencing sexual harassment.

Since sexual interaction is a normal behavior in society, the definition of sexual harassment in the workplace is often a fuzzy and controversial subject.  Typically, sexual harassment can include the touching of an employee's private parts, sexual jokes or comments, lewd remarks, etc.  Even commenting on an employee's physical appearance could be considered sexual harassment by some employers and employees.

There are a number of ways that sexual harassment can occur.  The victim does not have to be a woman but can also be a man and the harasser can be a person of the same sex.  The victim may be harassed by a customer, supervisor, co-worker, schoolmate, teacher or practically anyone.  The victim may not be the one harassed by the offensive behavior and while the harassment may effect the victim the actions don't necessarily need to effect the victim to be a violation of the law.  Often, the one doing the harassing is totally unaware that their behavior is being construed as offensive and could be considered to be unlawful and subject to severe consequences.

Many companies have learned that sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious problem and have taken steps to protect workers and the company from such charges and harassment on the job.


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