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Medicare is a health insurance program administered by the federal government for the elderly.  It was created in 1965 as part of the Social Security Act and is financed by a separate tax on wages.

Medicare is available to citizens over the age of 64 and those with some disabilities.  It presently covers tens of millions of Americans and has become a major federal government budget item with out-of-control growth.  Both Part A and Part B are funded from the U.S. Government's general fund but Part B also receives some payments that are deducted from covered retirees social security checks.

There are two parts to Medicare.  Part A covers hospital visits and Part B covers doctor's visits and related services.  Both parts contain deductibles and requires co-pays from the insured.  Some insurance companies offer private insurance policies to fill in the gaps omitted by Medicare.

Medicare pays physicians for their services based upon the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale.  Doctors often complain that Medicare payments do not reflect the market rate for services and some may not be willing to discount their services.

Fraudulent services continue to plague the Medicare system.  Some doctors and hospitals have defrauded the system by claiming payment for services not performed.  It is estimated that fraudulent claims are costing Medicare (and us taxpayers) tens of billions of dollars.


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Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Soon Chicago Tribune
St. George Daily Spectrum Medicare open enrollment starts soon Chicago Tribune Are you considering changing your Medicare coverage Between October 15 and December 7, the open enrollment period for Medicare, you have the opportunity to change your coverage without penalty. There are many resources to help you determine Medicare open enrollment season is hereSt. George Daily Spectrum Medicare enrollment options expand, giving seniors more to sort outPalm Beach Post 5 Medicare Advantage Plan Shopping Misconceptions and How to Avoid ThemThe Reflector Mohave Valley News Motley Fool all 32 news articles raquo

Beware Of Medicare Plan Agents Who Donapost Tell You All Your Options CNBC
CNBC Beware of Medicare plan agents who don39t tell you all your options CNBC If an insurance agent pitches choices from only one company, you could be getting short changed. US News Announces the 2018 Best Medicare PlansU.S. News World Report blog Medicare open enrollment has begun: What you need to knowChicago Sun Times Medicare open enrollment: Tips on updating your health care USA TODAY Kearney Hub Canton Repository all 58 news articles raquo

6 Tips For Enrolling In Medicare Forbes
Forbes 6 Tips For Enrolling In Medicare Forbes If you are already receiving retirement benefits from Social Security before you turn 65, you won39t have to do anything you39ll be automatically registered for Medicare Part A covering clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities and Part B Medicare premiums may eat all your 2018 Social Security benefit USA TODAY Verify: Will an increase in social security be offset by Medicare premiumsWZZM all 42 news articles raquo

A New Plan To Rescue The ACA: MedicareAt55 Health Affairs Blog
Health Affairs blog A New Plan To Rescue The ACA: Medicare At 55 Health Affairs blog Extending Medicare to the 55 64 age groupwho have relatively high health care costsis a potential fix that could insure the near elderly and provide stability to the marketplaces. It would remove expensive individuals and families from coverage by

AARP Idaho Hosts Medicare Telephone Town Hall Twin Falls TimesNews
AARP Idaho hosts medicare telephone town hall Twin Falls Times News BOISE AARP Idaho will host a statewide telephone town hall at 10 a.m. Thursday to discuss timely health insurance issues such as Medicare open enrollment, Medicare fraud and recent rule changes regarding Medicare supplements. This opportunity is

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