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Medicaid was created to provide medical assistance and care for the financially impoverished elderly and certain other indigent individuals and low income families.  It is administered on the State level and funded by both State and federal resources.  People served by Medicaid can include the elderly, children, the disabled and low income parents.

Medicade is part of the Social Security Act administered by each State and monitored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Eligibility for and services offered by Medicade can vary from State to State.  States are not required to participate in the Medicaid program but every State has participated since the early 1980's.

Medicaid pays for the majority of residents now in all nursing homes and provides services to tens of millions of Americans.  It can amount to about one quarter of each State's budget and is growing.  The U.S. Congress has recently debated legislation to cut Medicaid funding.

Medicaid is not to be confused with Medicare which is administered by the federal government.  Medicare covers health benefits for those over 65 years of age and covers far fewer services.  Medicare is not all inclusive healthcare, as is Medicaid, and contains provisions for the payment of premiums and deductibles.


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Yes, The GOP Healthcare Plan Really Is A Giant Medicaid Cut In One Chart Wa...
Washington Post Yes, the GOP health care plan really is a giant Medicaid cut in one chart Washington Post There are NO Medicaid cuts in GOP reforms,quot Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for President George W. Bush, tweeted on Monday. His argument Medicaid spending will still increase under the GOP health plan. It will simply do so more slowly than The Senate Health Care Bill Could Lead to More Personal BankruptciesMoney Magazine State Medicaid Leaders Call Senate Health Care Bill 39Unworkable39TIME Senate plan ends Mich. Medicaid expansion by 2021The Detroit News USA TODAY News Observer CNNMoney Senate Budget Committee all 10,204 news articles raquo

Hereaposs How A Bogus Claim On Medicaid Made It Onto CBS, With No Pushback L...
Los Angeles Times Here39s how a bogus claim on Medicaid made it onto CBS, with no pushback Los Angeles Times Kasich, you know, pushed for the Medicaid expansion in Ohio, Domenech said, he ended up having to throw 34,000 disabled people off of the program because it incentivized adding these working, able bodied adults over people who actually were in the

Should People On Medicaid Be Required To Work CBS News
CBS News Should people on Medicaid be required to work CBS News Senate Republicans39 plan to repeal and replace Obamacare has put Medicaid in the spotlight, thanks to proposals including a move to let states impose work requirements on low income recipients. Medicaid quotwent way above the poverty line to many Kellyanne Conway39s Mostly False claim that GOP bill doesn39t cut MedicaidPolitiFact Conway: People not doing their 39homework39 on MedicaidThe Hill Kellyanne Conway: Those on Medicaid who will lose insurance can CNBC Washington Post Fortune ABC News Kaiser Family Foundation all 85 news articles raquo

Editorial: Allow Iowans To Buy Into Medicaid The Des Moines Register DesMoi...
DesMoinesRegister.com Editorial: Allow Iowans to buy into Medicaid The Des Moines Register DesMoinesRegister.com You can see the train wreck coming. Iowans who do not receive health insurance through an employer may not be able to buy it next year on a state based and more raquo

Texas Hospitals Fear Losing 6.2 Billion Medicaid Deal U.S. News Amp World Re...
U.S. News World Report Texas Hospitals Fear Losing 6.2 Billion Medicaid Deal U.S. News World Report Texas rejected billions in federal aid to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, calling the program broken. But now it39s asking the Trump administration to renew a deal that39s brought the state an additional 6.2 billion a year under Senate bill would undercut Alaska governor39s authority over Medicaid expansionAlaska Dispatch News Medicaid expansion had a 39close to zero39 net effect on nonprofit hospital finances, report findsBeckeraposs Hospital Review all 15 news articles raquo

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