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DUI Drunk Driving Law

Facts About Drunk Driving Law
And DUI, DWI Arrest Facts

In the U.S. all states now have laws designating a "per se" blood alcohol concentration or limit (BAC) of 0.08 g/dL as the level of impairment (DUI).  Some states also have a lesser infraction, Driving While Impaired (DWI) for BAC's of 0.05 g/dL or above.  Other states impose a legal BAC limit of as little as 0.01 g/dL for drivers under 21 years of age which is also now the legal drinking age in all states.  The legal limit for the BAC for airline pilots is 0.04 g/dL.  Commercial drivers are subject to a similar limit.

Today most states require that drivers suspected of drunk driving face immediate arrest. The type of vehicle, such as automobile or truck, one is driving is immaterial.  The car or other vehicle is usually impounded at the scene by the police.

Driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) or even prescription medications has been legislated in all states.  California has especially stiff DUID laws.  Unlike a DUI, there is no established limit for most drugs.  The law instead relies upon impairment evidence or the demonstration of sufficient consumption to result in impairment.  Blood tests are usually necessary to determine the nature and quantity of a drug in a suspect's blood.  Equipment is under development that will eventually allow law enforcement officers to perform roadside tests for the presence and blood concentrations of certain drugs.

Some states have more severe penalties for drivers convicted with a BAC over 0.15 g/dL or 0.20 g/dL.  In the case of driving under the influence with aggravating circumstances such as resultant severe injury or death to another party, some jurisdictions impose stiffer penalties or even felony prison terms.  Some states even increase DUI penalties in instances resulting in a high level of property damage.

All states also make it a crime to drive a car or other motorized vehicle under the influence of drugs (DUID) or a combination of drugs and alcohol.  It must be shown that the drugs or combination resulted in impaired driving ability for conviction although some states have banned driving with any amount of certain drugs.


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Nebraska Officials To Increase Enforcement Of DUI Laws Lincoln Journal Star
Lincoln Journal Star Nebraska officials to increase enforcement of DUI laws Lincoln Journal Star Nebraska law enforcement agencies are planning to increase their enforcement of drunken driving laws over the next few weeks. The Nebraska State Patrol said it will set up sobriety checkpoints and increase the number of troopers along with 43 local CDOT to kick off annual Labor Day DUI enforcement campaignGreeley Tribune all 11 news articles raquo

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Nebraska officials to increase enforcement of DUI laws The Herald The Herald Nebraska law enforcement agencies are planning to increase their enforcement of drunken driving laws over the next few weeks. and more raquo

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Are California39s Strict Drunk Driving Laws Tough Enough L.A. Weekly quotCalifornia still has work to do to pass the best drunk driving laws,quot spokeswoman Becky Iannotta said via email. quotCalifornia passed a law expanding an ignition interlock program statewide beginning in January 2019, which will increase the number of

Worst State For Lax DUI Laws Itaposs Not Wisconsin Story MyStateline.com
MyStateline.com Worst State for Lax DUI Laws It39s Not Wisconsin Story MyStateline.com While Wisconsin has a reputation for lax DUI laws which can lead to the arrests of repeat offenders even after five, six, seven or more previous offenses, and more raquo

Ohio Ranked One Of The Most Lenient States When It Comes To DUI Laws News 5 ...
News 5 Cleveland Ohio ranked one of the most lenient states when it comes to DUI laws News 5 Cleveland Drunk driving takes a huge toll in the United States, claiming roughly 10,000 lives every year and costing Americans more than 44 billion a year. New rankings from WalletHub show which states are most aggressive when it comes to DUI laws. Ohio is and more raquo

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