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Legal Aspects Of Divorce

Marriage and divorce are matters of State law.  The family court division of the state or county handles petitions for the dissolution of a marriage.

Until recent years, in order to file for divorce there had to be some proof of irreconcilable differences or infidelity in the marriage.  In 1960 no-fault divorce was introduced.  Under no-fault divorce, either marriage partner could petition the court to dissolve the marriage without cause.

Most states today recognize some form of no-fault divorce.  Many in the religious community have been against making divorce easier arguing that it makes destruction of the family unit and family values more likely.  Nevertheless, some form of no-fault divorce has become the law in nearly every State.

Although the divorce proceeding may proceed on a no-fault basis, issues of child custody, child support, spousal support and asset distribution remain contentious issues in most divorces.  The fact that one spouse is not portrayed as the "bad guy" in a divorce, however, makes for a more equitable distribution of assets and future payments.

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Facts of Law about the legal aspects of getting a divorce

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