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Causes of Divorce


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Causes of Divorce

Divorce is normally caused by just a handful of reasons.  According to a 2004 survey, the most common of these include:

* Extra-Marital Affairs (adultery) - 27%
* Strains On The Family - 18%
* Physical or Emotional Abuse - 17%
* Mid-Life Crisis - 13%
* Workaholism - 6%
* Alcohol, Drug or Gambling Addictions - 6%

Men engaged in extra-marital affairs in 75% of cases while women were responsible 25% of the time.  78% of time the strains on the family resulted from the the woman's family while 22% of the time it resulted from the man's family.  Physical or emotional abuse was most often afflicted by the man, 60%, compared to the woman 40% of the time.  Men were the cause in workaholism cases by 70% versus 30% for women.

Marriages that were ten to fifteen years old accounted for 53% of the divorces while marriages just five to ten years old accounted for just 40%.  Divorce was rare in marriages of less than five years and also in marriages that were over 20 years.

Divorce asset settlements favored women considerably.  60% of the time, women received a better settlement than men.  30% of the time, the assets were divided 50-50 and just 10% of the time the man received a better asset settlement.   Reasons for this disparity may be due to the fact that women are granted primary child custody more often and take less of the marriage's future earning power with them upon divorce.


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