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Civil Law and Common Law

Civil law relates to the law as it applies to disputes between individuals, corporations or other legal entities.  Common law is the "filling in of the gaps" of written law by a court or jury with their belief of what is commonly thought of as right by the community when adjudicating a dispute between parties.  After a judge or jury makes a common law ruling, that ruling can be used as a reference as to how to settle future, similar cases.  This is often referred to as "case law".

In a civil court, charges are brought by one or more parties against one or more other parties.  After a period of "discovery" where both parties discover and share the facts concerning the charges, the dispute goes to trial either before a judge or a jury.  The facts are then presented by both sides and the judge or jury determines if there is fault and what the remedy shall be.  More often than not, the remedy in a civil trial is a monetary reward.

Unlike a criminal trial, either party to a civil trail may appeal the decision to a higher court.  Depending upon the basis for the appeal, the appellate court may or may not decide to review the case.


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Civil Law and Common Law News
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The Law Is On The NFL Playersapos Side New York Times
New York Times The Law is on the NFL Players39 Side New York Times Each of these three bodies of law constitutional law, civil rights law and labor law independently protects players from retaliation for anthem protests. But the fact that all three converge in this case is even more significant. It means that and more raquo

Divina Refuses To Step Down As UST Law Dean Amid Atio Death Probe Philippine...
Philippine Star Divina refuses to step down as UST Law dean amid Atio death probe Philippine Star MANILA, Philippines UST Civil Law Dean Nilo Divina on Wednesday refused to take leave from his post despite ongoing investigations into the death of law student Horacio quotAtioquot Castillo III. During the resumption of the Senate probe into the death of Poe urges UST dean to go on leave amid hazing death Grace Poe asks Divina to take leave of absence as UST law deanRappler UST law dean refuses to take leave amid Atio death probeABS CBN News all 6 news articles raquo

5 Ways To Find Affordable Legal Help HuffPost
HuffPost 5 Ways to Find Affordable Legal Help HuffPost This is why, in 2016, 86 of civil legal needs for America39s poor went unmet, according to the Legal Services Corporation, an independent, publicly funded nonprofit. LSC also reported that 71 of low income households experienced at least one civil and more raquo

Vermont Commemorates Civil Unions With Historicsite Marker Minneapolis Star ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune Vermont commemorates civil unions with historic site marker Minneapolis Star Tribune MONTPELIER, Vt. Vermont is commemorating its first in the nation civil union law and subsequent marriage equality legislation with a historic site marker on the State House lawn. The marker was ceremoniously unveiled Tuesday by two of the three gay and more raquo

Vermontaposs Role In Marriage Equality Honored With Statehouse Marker Vermon...
Vermont Public Radio Vermont39s Role In Marriage Equality Honored With Statehouse Marker Vermont Public Radio The green and gold marker, cast in aluminum, pays homage to the passage of civil unions legislation in 2000, and the marriage equality law that followed nine years later. Much has changed in the years since the watershed votes. Gay couples now have the and more raquo

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