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Civil Law and Common Law

Civil law relates to the law as it applies to disputes between individuals, corporations or other legal entities.  Common law is the "filling in of the gaps" of written law by a court or jury with their belief of what is commonly thought of as right by the community when adjudicating a dispute between parties.  After a judge or jury makes a common law ruling, that ruling can be used as a reference as to how to settle future, similar cases.  This is often referred to as "case law".

In a civil court, charges are brought by one or more parties against one or more other parties.  After a period of "discovery" where both parties discover and share the facts concerning the charges, the dispute goes to trial either before a judge or a jury.  The facts are then presented by both sides and the judge or jury determines if there is fault and what the remedy shall be.  More often than not, the remedy in a civil trial is a monetary reward.

Unlike a criminal trial, either party to a civil trail may appeal the decision to a higher court.  Depending upon the basis for the appeal, the appellate court may or may not decide to review the case.


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A Baker Refused To Make A Cake For A Gay Couple Due To Religious Beliefs. Sup...
LGBTQ Nation A baker refused to make a cake for a gay couple due to religious beliefs. Supreme Court will rule on the case in fall Los Angeles Times Potentially, it could sweep even more broadly, opening a religious exemption to civil rights laws that could allow discrimination against other groups. The case, to be heard in the fall, could have a wide effect in states like California that prohibit Supreme Court to take case on baker who refused to sell wedding cake to gay coupleWashington Post BREAKING: Supreme Court will decide if civil rights laws have broad religious exemptionsLGBTQ Nation Supreme Court to Hear Constitutional Challenge to LGBTQ Nondiscrimination LawsSlate Magazine blog Bloomberg Vox Jezebel all 401 news articles raquo

Column: First Amendment Protects Sharia Law The Detroit News
The Detroit News Column: First Amendment protects Sharia law The Detroit News It is Muslims39 obligation to obey the established civil law enforcement agencies of the country in which they live. They must obey the law of the land and pledge allegiance to its flag as long as it does not deny the existence of God. Hence, Sharia

Law You Can Use: Ohioaposs Civil Legal Aid System Offers Hope To Lowincome In...
News Law You Can Use: Ohio39s civil legal aid system offers hope to low income individuals News A Civil legal aid refers to the legal services provided at no cost to low income Ohioans by hundreds of attorneys and paralegals throughout Ohio. These professionals work through local and regional legal aids, volunteer pro bono programs and reduced

Four States Advance Against The Evils Of Civil Asset Forfeiture, But The Feds...
Four States Advance Against The Evils Of Civil Asset Forfeiture, But The Feds Do Nothing Forbes Like a bad skin disease that spreads rapidly once it takes hold, civil asset forfeiture grew rapidly for several decades, in the 80s and 90s especially. Once law enforcement agencies figured out how to turn it into an easy means of padding their

Attorneys Spar Over Texas Immigration Law In Federal Court Texas Tribune
Texas Tribune Attorneys spar over Texas immigration law in federal court Texas Tribune Lee Gelernt, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union representing the city of El Cenizo, a small municipality in Webb County, argued that the law, as written is vague and provides such little guidance to officers that they will be forced to Rally Against 39Sanctuary Cities39 Law Draws Protestors From Across the State to San AntonioSan Antonio Current How Texas39 sanctuary cities ban compares to Arizona39s 39show me your papers39 lawDallas News No immediate ruling on fate of Texas39 39sanctuary cities39 lawMinneapolis Star Tribune San Antonio Express News subscription all 150 news articles raquo

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