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How To Collect Child Support

When a non-custody parent refuses or is unable to provide court ordered child support payments a hardship is created for the custody parent and the child or children.  There are agencies that together with the court can help collect child support.

If the non-paying parent has a job, the court can order that the wages be garnished for the child support payments.  Once served, the employer would then deduct the payments from the non-custody parent's wages and pay them directly to the custody parent.

If the non-paying parent owes a large sum in back support payments the court can order a judgment for payment.  The parent's assets and income can be taken so settle the judgment.  Bank accounts, other income and non-exempt assets of value can be levied and liquidated to satisfy the judgment.

If the non-paying parent is avoiding being located, the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) can be used to determine his/her whereabouts.  The FPLS can be used in connection with parents owing child support, with parents refusing visitation rights and with parental kidnapping.  The FPLS maintains a nation wide directory of newly hired employees and a registry of child support orders.  The two lists are matched every two days and provided to State agencies.

Some States provide the assistance of State agencies, such as the district attorney's office, to assist in collecting court ordered child support.  Other support services may be provided by the court to aid in payment collection.

States can also collect back payments by intercepting State and Federal tax refund payments and liens can be placed on real estate holdings.  Some courts will hold a non-paying parent in contempt of court if the parent had income that could have been used to make child support payments.


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Hoydick Renews Push For Increased Collection Of Pastdue Child Support Stratf...
Stratford Star Hoydick renews push for increased collection of past due child support Stratford Star During an evening session of the State House of Representatives, State Representative Laura Hoydick R 120 renewed her drive to pass a measure she has reintroduced that would improve Connecticut39s collection rate for past due child support payments.

Israel Failing To Collect Child Support From Deadbeat Dads Haaretz
Haaretz Israel Failing to Collect Child Support From Deadbeat Dads Haaretz The drop is linked to the change in 2014 that saw responsibility for collecting child support from deadbeat husbands being transferred from the NII to the Justice Ministry39s Enforcement and Collection Authority. This was done with the aim of improving

Fatheraposs Day, And Reasons Why Africa Particularly Liberia Needs Child Supp...
Front Page Africa Father39s Day, And Reasons Why Africa Particularly Liberia Needs Child Support Courts Front Page Africa Lastly, when we have a child support court in Liberia, the country, government, and the children of those deadbeat dads will all benefit. The government can charge a court collection fee for every child support payment collected from a father who and more raquo

Ettman Will Take On New Role For Seneca County Finger Lakes Times
Ettman will take on new role for Seneca County Finger Lakes Times As assistant county attorney, his responsibilities involve Family Court prosecution of child protective cases, juvenile delinquency, Persons In Need of Supervision petitions and child support collection cases as well as other resource collection

They Cheated The Iowa Lottery But Got To Keep The Money They cheated the Iowa Lottery but got to keep the money Iowa law requires the lottery to participate in the state Income Offset Program, which is used to collect money owed to governmental institutions, including child support, court fees and back taxes. All prizes of 100 or more claimed at a lottery

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Facts of Law on collecting child support

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