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Child Support and Welfare

Children are entitled to financial and welfare support from both parents regardless of the future relationship between those parents.  This is the basic premise behind child support.

After divorce of the parents, usually one parent is awarded custody of the couple's children by the court.  Recognizing that there are costs associated with raising a child, the non-custody parent is ordered by the court to make regular payments for child support to the parent with custody.

The amount of this support is one of the most contentious aspects of divorce proceedings.  Litigation and compliance over child support payments can be ongoing for years after a divorce.  The parent paying the support may be unwilling or unable to make the regular support payments or financial requirements for a child's welfare may change over time prompting one of the parents to seek court revision of the support payment.

Child support and alimony are handled as distinct and different payments by the court.  Alimony is an amount ordered by the court for one parent to pay the other (either in a one time payment, continuing payments or both) for his or her share of the marriage assets and income.  It is unrelated to the amount the court will award for child support.

Due to the difficulty of many custodial parents to collect court ordered child support payments from the other parent, some States have enacted legislation providing for steep penalties including jail time for the non-payment of support payments.  Organizations and websites have also sprung up to aid in the locating and the forcing of payment compliance of deadbeat parents who, in some cases, owe tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support.


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Child Support and Welfare News
GN News

Orlando Woman Sues Miguel Cabrera Over Reduced Child Support Payments Deadspin
Deadspin Orlando Woman Sues Miguel Cabrera Over Reduced Child Support Payments Deadspin Earlier this year, Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera was sued in Orange County Fla. Superior Court for not providing sufficient child support for the two children he allegedly fathered with Orlando woman Belkis Rodriguez. The Detroit News first Miguel Cabrera is being sued for reduced child support paymentsHardballTalk blog Detroit Tigers39 Miguel Cabrera facing child support lawsuitFox 2 Detroit Tigers39 Cabrera sued for child supportKFGO Yahoo Sports WSYM TV all 15 news articles raquo

Outdated And Overdue, Lawmakers Take On Child Support This Week
Outdated and overdue, lawmakers take on child support this week COLUMBUS WCMH One in three children in Ohio is involved in the child support program. Parts of the system are outdated and according to experts, not and more raquo

Dean McDermottaposs ExWife Claims He Stopped Paying Child Us Weekly
Us Weekly Dean McDermott39s Ex Wife Claims He Stopped Paying Child Us Weekly Dean McDermott39s ex wife, Mary Jo Eustace, claims he39s stopped paying child support find out more. Dean McDermott39s ex accuses him of skipping child support Wonderwall Dean McDermott Failed To Pay Child Support, Ex Wife Mary Jo Eustace ClaimsInternational Business Times Tori Spelling39s spouse Dean accused of not paying support Daily Daily Mail Brampton Guardian The Sherbrooke Times blog all 7 news articles raquo

County Honored For Topperforming Child Support Office Morehead News
Morehead News County honored for top performing child support office Morehead News Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins and his Child Support staff were honored last week for being a Top 20 in the state child support collecting partner. From left are Bryan Hubbard, Department for Income Support commissioner Watkins Sarah Harlow,

Miguel Cabrera Embroiled In Paternity, Childsupport Lawsuit With The Detroi...
The Detroit News Miguel Cabrera embroiled in paternity, child support lawsuit with The Detroit News Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera is being sued by a Florida woman who says the two time Most Valuable Player isn39t paying enough to support two Detroit Tigers39 Miguel Cabrera sued over child support in Florida Miggy Trouble: Florida Woman Sues Cabrera Over Child Support Deadline Detroit all 8 news articles raquo

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Facts of Law - Child Support and Welfare