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What Is A Car Accident?

Car accidents are collisions between automobiles and other objects or other automobiles.  Car or traffic accidents can cause personal injury or death and property damage.  Every year car accidents in the U.S. alone cause tens of thousands of deaths, millions of injuries and hundreds of billions of dollars in property damage.

Nearly every one of us will be involved in at least one car accident within our lifetime.  State laws generally require that the driver(s) involved in a traffic accident report the accident to the police if anyone is injured or if there is property damage over a certain dollar amount.  All states require that automobile drivers carry a prescribed minimum amount of accident insurance to cover medical and property damage costs.

When involved in a car accident, immediately check yourself for injuries and others for injuries.  If there are serious injuries or more than minor property damage, medical help and the police should be summoned.  Automobiles involved in an accident are at risk of catching fire due to the possibility of leaking fuel and should be evacuated if at all possible.  Move to a location off the roadway to avoid being struck by another passing automobile. Try not to move any passenger complaining of back or neck injury.

Carjackers and worse have learned that they can get people out of their vehicle by creating a minor traffic accident.  If it appears that your car has been struck intentionally by another automobile, drive to a nearby well populated area such as a busy store parking lot before exiting the vehicle.  Police should be summoned immediately when there is a car accident.


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Overdoses Are Driving Up The Number Of Car Accidents KWQCTV6
KWQC TV6 Overdoses are driving up the number of car accidents KWQC TV6 COLUMBUS, Ohio AP Police and rescue crews say drivers overdosing on heroin and other drugs are driving up the number of car crashes. Authorities say people with addictions don39t like to wait to get high, so they often shoot up in the car as soon as and more raquo

Police Calls For Thursday, August 17: Car Accidents Reported With Minor Injur...
Police calls for Thursday, August 17: Car accidents reported with minor injuries Winona Daily News 6:05 p.m. A woman reported that her 13 year old son had been hit by a car while biking near Mankato Avenue and King Street with two other people. Both the bike and an SUV entered the intersection at the same time, and front bumper hit the bicycle.

Over 2000 People Died In Car Accidents In Romania Last Year
Romania Over 2000 people died in car accidents in Romania last year Romania Over 2,000 people died in car accidents in Romania last year, an increase over 2015, after the number of victims had fallen steadily in the last seven years. More than 11,600 people died because of diseases, most of them cardiovascular, according to a

Two Car Accidents, No Injuries Daily Herald
Two car accidents, no injuries Daily Herald SANPETE COUNTY Two accidents on State Road 28 between Gunnison and Nephi resulted in no injuries. On Aug. 10 about 9:34 a.m., a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 driven by Steven Naylor, 65, Sandy,was traveling southbound on State Route SR 28 near

What You Need To Know About Car Accidents In California JD Supra Press Release
JD Supra press release What You Need to Know about Car Accidents in California JD Supra press release Car accidents in Woodland Hills can be minor, causing little to no damage to vehicles or injury to drivers and passenger. These accidents, though certainly an inconvenience, are a blip on the radar when compared to more devastating auto accidents that

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Facts of Law on exactly what is a car accident

Facts of Law - What Is A Car Accident