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Types of Car Accidents


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Types of Car Accidents

Car accidents fall into several major categories (whose names are self-explanatory):

* Rear-end collisions
Rollover accidents
Head-on collisions
Single-car accidents
Pile-up accidents
Railroad crossing accidents

There are many types of car accidents. Collisions can occur with other automobiles, other vehicles such as bicycles or trucks, with pedestrians, and with stationary structures or objects, such as trees or fences.

The result of a front-end or rear-end collision; many cars are built to include crumple zones to absorb impact in these accident.  The occupants have a better chance of survival.  Whiplash is a common injury in the rear-end collision.

The result of a side collision; most cars are not as structurally sound side-to-side as they are front-to-back and damage can be more severe to the vehicle and the occupant than at the same speed in a rear-end or front-end collision.

In a collision between two cars, it has been shown that the occupants of the car with the lower mass will likely suffer the greater consequences.

These are the most common types of car accidents.


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