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Car Accident Prevention

There are many ways to prevent car accidents. Many accidents seem to be caused by unavoidable circumstances such as mechanical failure or road conditions. However, there are solutions that could be used to prevent even these "unavoidable" collisions using accident prevention.


Technology is providing us with devices such as:


* Sobriety Detectors to prevent drivers under the influence of alcohol from operating a vehicle. Toyota recently announced the availability of one such system that will be included on all its vehicles by 2010.

* Proximity Monitors to automatically determine how close a driver is to the car ahead and adjust the distance if it is too close.

* And Lane Monitors to prevent vehicles from accidentally drifting into adjacent lanes of traffic just to site a few.


In most developed nations, it has been shown that young male drivers are far and away the top group involved in auto accidents. Inexperience, peer pressure and over-confidence are reasons many site for this statistic. Accidents occurring after dark and with vehicles containing more than one occupant are often more serious. These facts have led to many to call for the following:


* A curfew being imposed young drivers after certain hours

* Compulsory driving courses in order to receive a drivers license

* Restrictions on the number of passengers in the vehicles of young drivers

* Zero tolerance for drinking and driving for younger drivers


Some of these suggestions have already found themselves implemented in some states.


Insurance companies are aware of the higher risks associated with young drivers and young male drivers in particular, and issue higher premiums for those individuals. However, the higher premiums seem to have little impact on accident prevention.


With many young and inexperienced drivers on the road it is wise to follow some defensive driving rules to protect yourself and your passengers.


1) Don't drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

2) Wear your seatbelt and make sure your passengers do the same

3) Be aware of vehicles in your blind spot next to your rear fenders

4) Check both ways for moving vehicles before entering an intersection even with a green light; and

5) Maintain at least one car length between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you for every 10 mph of speed


Remember to always practice accident prevention.

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Facts of Law about how to prevent car accidents

Facts of Law - Car Accident Prevention