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Auto Accident Law

Facts About Car Accidents And
The Legal Issues Involved

Car accidents result in certain legal consequences.  The more severe the accident, the greater the consequences.  All states have legal requirements for drivers involved in automobile accidents including stopping and exchanging insurance information with other parties involved in the accident.  Most car crashes require that the police be summoned.  Failure to follow these state procedures can result in the crime of hit and run under auto accident law.

Auto accidents can result in both criminal and civil liability for the parties involved.  In most accidents where the parties are insured, the insurance provider provides legal counsel for the insured motorist at fault.  This further allows the insurance company to adequately defend itself against monetary claims from damage or injury.  Parties suffering injury, wrongful death or property damage in an accident resulting from the fault of the other driver will normally obtain their own legal counsel in an attempt to receive adequate compensation from the aggrieving motorist and his insurance company.  An automobile accident victim generally must prove fault with the other party during any litigation.  The investigating officer's report will generally cover any violations of automobile traffic laws and he/she will issue tickets to the probable at fault parties.

Other than the standard adjudication of any traffic tickets issued at the scene of an accident, state prosecutors normally will not seek further prosecution of those involved in an accident unless there is resulting death or severe injury or if one of the motorists involved was intoxicated or otherwise illegally impaired at the time of the accident.  Criminal prosecution of drivers involved in more serious accidents can include assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter, motor vehicle homicide, driving under the influence, etc.  Drivers can face fines, jail sentences and even capital punishment if found guilty of specific crimes.

Private attorneys and insurance company counsel handle any civil liability resulting from an accident.  These types of cases have become so common that personal injury lawsuits resulting from auto accidents have become the number one type of civil tort handled by the courts.  Because there is usually a large volume of legal precedent involving auto accident claims, courts and juries can rely upon this data to help decide the question of who is at fault and how much money should be awarded to the injured party.

Traffic violations resulting in a ticket being issued at the scene of an accident by the investigating police officers help courts and plaintiffs determine fault under auto accident law.  Traffic tickets may also result in fines or revocation of drivers license privileges if proven or uncontested by a defendant in a court of law.


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