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What Is Mediation?

Simply, mediation is a form of dispute resolution where the parties involved bring in an impartial third party to use his/her expertise to help them work through their differences to a solution. The parties to disputes that may be mediated can include individuals, corporations, organizations and even governments.

To begin a mediation, a nonpartisan mediator who is knowledgeable in the area of dispute is brought in by the parties to guide them in negotiation, to air differences and to arrive at at a solution or agreement to the matter at hand.

Mediation lends itself most easily to situations where both parties have an interest in reaching an agreement that works for both.  Such situations include prenuptial agreements, divorce, separation, eldercare, family issues, estate disputes, medical issues, grievances, land use, landlord-tenant disputes, contracts and other disputes that are not highly adversarial.

Mediation has been around in one form or another ever since man started having business or social interactions with each other.  Mediators have been known over time by many other names including medium, interpolator, intercessor, conciliator, interlocutor and more.  Some cultures have restricted the use of mediation and/or required that only certain authorities can act as a mediator.


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StayzillaJigsaw Advertising Fiasco: How Mediation Could Have Helped Avoid It ... Stayzilla Jigsaw Advertising fiasco: how mediation could have helped avoid it Could the Stayzilla Jigsaw Advertising dispute have turned out differently if the parties had access to collaborative dispute resolution processes like mediation Much has been written about the Stayzilla Jigsaw dispute. As mediators, we cannot help

Brooklyn Park Seeks Mediation After City Council Fiasco KMSPTV
KMSP TV Brooklyn Park seeks mediation after City Council fiasco KMSP TV BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. KMSP Things have only gotten more tense for city officials in Brooklyn Park over the last month after a fiasco over the fire chief stepping down, though the mayor said at a Council meeting Monday that it was finally time to

8 Signs You Should Skip Mediation And Head Straight For The Divorce Lawyer L...
Lifehacker 8 Signs You Should Skip Mediation and Head Straight for the Divorce Lawyer Lifehacker Once a marriage is far enough gone, the only remaining question is How hard is it going to be to untangle our legal and financial lives and if relevant sort out custody For some couples, separating via mediation rather than litigated divorce has

Mediation For Public Records Complaints Youngstown Vindicator
Mediation for public records complaints Youngstown Vindicator The Ohio Supreme Court referred a Youngs town Board of Education member39s complaint to mediation. Dario Hunter filed a complaint Aug. 2 to compel the city school district to comply with his public records request. On June 29, he requested copies of

Union, City Avoid Mediation For Police Contract ThisWeek Community News
Union, city avoid mediation for police contract ThisWeek Community News The city of Hilliard and the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9 avoided mediation after Hilliard Division of Police officers approved a three year contract in a reconsideration vote that concluded Aug. 11. The city39s patrol officers

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Facts of Law explaining what is mediation

Facts of Law - What Is Mediation