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Arbitration and Mediation


Arbitration is a method of legal dispute resolution involving the use of an arbitrator to hear the points of an issue from both parties and determine a binding decision.  The arbitrator is a neutral party similar to a judge who is trained and experienced in resolving disputes of a specific type.

Arbitration is normally used when an agreement has previously been entered into by the parties involved to accept binding arbitration in the event of a dispute.  Arbitration may also be used in labor disputes relating to grievances and collective bargaining agreement disagreements.  Arbitration can save both parties much of the expense of trial litigation, move faster than a congested court docket and allow the arbitrator much flexibility in resolving the issues.


Mediation provides a method where two parties can enlist the services of an impartial mediator to help them reach an amicable agreement on a matter.  The mediator is usually a professional in the field concerning the subject matter and offers both parties an impartially researched opinion and advice concerning their common interest and the structure and content of the agreement.

Mediation is commonly used in disputes between countries, states, corporations or other entities where strict application of legal precedent is lacking or not applicable.  This can include issues concerning commerce, borders, treaties and war.  Mediation is also useful in domestic matters such as marriage agreements or prenuptial agreements.


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United Arab Emirates: When DIAC Conquered The DIFC Mondaq News Alerts Regist...
United Arab Emirates: When DIAC Conquered The DIFC Mondaq News Alerts registration The grounds for nullification of Dubai mainland awards are spelled out in Article 216 of the the UAE Civil Procedures Code which mainly covers the following reasons for challenge: a award based on invalid terms of reference, b arbitrator has and more raquo

United Arab Emirates: Arbitration The Basics Mondaq News Alerts Registration
United Arab Emirates: Arbitration The Basics Mondaq News Alerts registration While arbitral institutions ICC, LCIA, DIAC, etc do not arbitrate disputes, they provide administrative support to arbitrations, such assign arbitrators when parties cannot agree and many of them maximise chances that awards shall be complaint with

Czech Republic: Fifth Anniversary Of Mediation In The Czech Republic Mondaq ...
Czech Republic: Fifth Anniversary Of Mediation In The Czech Republic Mondaq News Alerts registration Under Czech law, the parties to a dispute may choose to resolve their differences by mediation without having recourse to a court or arbitration. Once the mediation starts, the statutory limitation periods cease. Mediation thus has an effect similar and more raquo

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Warwick teacher contract dispute drags on, but union leader says sides are 39very close39 The Providence Journal I39ve cautioned everyone on the School Committee and union side that it still behooves them to consider resolving their contract by mediation, said attorney Vincent F. Ragosta, the independent mediator. Ragosta has been receiving the help of Mayor

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United States: When Is A Civil Penalty Not A Civil Penalty Mondaq News Alerts registration Seyfarth Synopsis: Plaintiffs cannot circumvent arbitration agreements by characterizing claims for statutory damages as claims for civil penalties. The purported PAGA exemption from arbitration agreements applies only to claims for civil penalties and more raquo


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