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Charlottesville Shows That States Must Amend Their OpenCarry Laws HuffPost
HuffPost Charlottesville Shows That States Must Amend Their Open Carry Laws HuffPost So what stopped Charlottesville from prohibiting demonstrators from carrying weapons this past weekend A Virginia statute passed in 1997 that precludes Charlottesville from exercising any common sense in such situations. Specifically, Virginia39s law

Fate Of AposAg Gagapos Laws May Ride On Utah, Idaho Cases Bloomberg BNA
Fate of 39Ag Gag39 Laws May Ride on Utah, Idaho Cases Bloomberg BNA The Utah decision was the second trial court to strike down such a statute, after a federal court in Idaho in August 2015 found a similar law unconstitutional on its face. That case also was brought by the ALDF, along with the American Civil Liberties

Arizona Supreme Court: State Gun Laws Trump City Ordinances Arizona Daily Sun
AZCentral.com Arizona Supreme Court: State gun laws trump city ordinances Arizona Daily Sun PHOENIX Arizona laws on what cities can do with guns trump local ordinances, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled today. In an extensive ruling, the justices voided a 2005 Tucson ordinance that says that the police department, after it seizes a hand gun, Arizona Supreme Court Rebuffs Tucson39s Illegal Destruction of FirearmsNRA ILA all 12 news articles raquo

Georgia State Law Makes It Difficult To Completely Remove Or Hide Confederate...
13WMAZ Georgia state law makes it difficult to completely remove or hide Confederate monuments 13WMAZ We took a closer look at the Georgia law in question and a closer look at the Confederate monuments right here in Central Georgia. Warner Robins City Attorney Jim Elliott has been dealing with local and state laws for 32 years. He says Georgia law and more raquo

New Law Removes Statute Of Limitation For Sexual Abuse Crimes KWQCTV6
KWQC TV6 New law removes statute of limitation for sexual abuse crimes KWQC TV6 SPRINGFIELD, Ill. AP Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed legislation that will remove the statutes of limitation for sexual abuse crimes. Rauner signed the measure Friday. Sponsor state Sen. Michael Hastings of Frankfort says the legislation puts and more raquo


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